Top Tracks March 4th

March 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Been pretty busy lately. My weekend gigs have been going well and I’ve been having a lot of fun finding new music. Here’s a list of some odds and ends I’ve really been digging this week. Enjoy.

Bom Bom – Sam And The Womp
An upbeat electronic jam with catchy lyrics and an excellent trumpet feel throughout. This one will bring a smile to your face and guaranteed to garner some foot tapping. If you’re playing it in a DJ set it has an acapella in so it’s great for scratch DJ’s and meh for the rest of us. Honestly though, if your a hardcore turntablist, this isn’t the right song for you. :) ALso, the video is utterly ridiculous.

Summer Jam – R.I.O. ft. U-Jean
Some people hate remixes. I’m a big fan, guess that’s the DJ bias. Anyways this is a good jam. Falls somewhere between techno, hip-hop, and those terrible boy bands than we all secretly hate to love. I couldn’t find a video that didn’t have a bunch of girls in bikinis so I’m sure you’ll all just go find it on Spotify instead… right… Me too…

Ma Cherie – DJ Antoine
Okay, I know this one has been pretty big for a while but if you haven’t checked it out yet you should. Great House jam. No huge breakdown but a really great feeling song. The entire video is basically a Skyy Vodka commercial but still really worth it. I’d play it in a country bar full of rednecks just for me. I like it that much. I’d still get kicked out but I love the song.

It’s Alright – Matt and Kim
The greatest feel good song of our generation. This is my go to song right now. I love it, I really really do. Nothing else to say. Well, maybe one more thing. The video is, well, it’s like synchronized swimming we’ll say… well, in a bed. Yeah, it’s great actually.

Okay guys, thanks for giving me the time of day. Hope you found something you liked here. If not, come back next week, maybe you will :P

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This post brought to you by Skyy Vodka – “Not Really” -

An Industry of Amateurs

December 17, 2012 1 comment

Before crossing over into the wonderful world of DJ’ing, I was a professional photographer. When I say professional, I mean I ran a full fledged business, owned 12 or 13 thousand dollars worth of equipment and got payed top dollar to do commercial work for WalMart, Fujifilm, RiteAid and others. Being a photographer was a lot of fun but the competition is completely ruthless. Fact is, in this economy, every one needs some extra money so you end up seeing hundreds of untrained, poorly equipped people billing themselves out as photographers.

This never really bothered me until I started missing clients who decided to have their cousins friend take their family portraits because he’ll do it for $4 and a hot-dog. It didn’t really matter they were getting sub par pictures done. It didn’t even matter that I could create pictures they would fall in love with. All that really mattered was I wouldn’t compete with the prices they were getting from self proclaimed photographers who didn’t know their f/stop from a hole in the ground.

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Granted, I’ve gained a little compassion for these newbies now that I’ve started DJ’ing. It’s been a while since I’ve been brand new to an industry having to learn the basics. I’ve gotten up to speed quick and I’ve quickly learned there are many DJ’s out there who feel the same way I did as a photographer, the industry is losing it’s magic. The special prestige that goes with knowing your craft is fading thanks to talent and practice slowly being replaced with gadgets and software that does a lot of the work for you.

I suppose I’m just curious how you feel when you see the “amateurs” in the DJ/music industry skipping through the steps that took you years to learn on classic vinyl.

Opening Weekend at Oxygen

December 10, 2012 Leave a comment

The Oxygen lounge is the hottest new thing in South Carolina. Located in Greenwood it serves the surrounding area with an atmosphere that you seldom find in this part of the country. It’s an elegant high end private club. From the moment you walk in the door you’ll feel like a VIP.

The dance floor is the largest in town. Creative blue lights give it a rippling texture that adds to the whole experience when you’re dancing. Leave the dance floor for the bar or the “Sky Box” in the back and you’ll notice the music tone down thanks to very well planned acoustics. You can go from thumping bass on the dance floor to a comfortable level for chatting with friends in a matter of a few steps.

I know a guy so I found myself spinning the wheels Friday, Saturday and Sunday for opening weekend. The crowd is great, definitely the cream of the crop for our area. Would be a great place to impress clients. I kept the playlist locked in with mostly Top 40 music. I tossed in several newer line dances and even some Bar-Kays and it was all a hit with the crowd.  The highlight of my night was doing Gangnam Style in the middle of a cheering crowd on the dance floor. Yeah, I like to get into the mix every now and then.

I’m still waiting for the official word but I know I’m being considered for the house DJ position. Fingers crossed, this is definitely the class of night club I want to be DJ’ing for. Their Facebook fans seemed to like me at least, Scott said: “Very impressive club! The atmosphere, staff and music are second to none…”

Check out the Oxygen Lounge website and Facebook to learn more.


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